Best Laser Level Review and Comparison 2016 – 2017

This article will give you a couple of options of best laser level that is available in the market this year in order to help you choose the best one according to your budget. This laser level review is based on the research and also the comparison of many brands and models. For those of you beginner for laser level, it is better for you to know what laser level that you are looking for before you purchase one.

First of all you have to know they way to purchase the best laser level. You have to check out whether you want to purchase straight line or rotary laser level. After that you have to look for the most famous brands of best laser level which are according to your preference. And then you have to read the reviews from many buyers who have already bought this model. It is better for you to purchase best laser level on Amazon by clicking on the Check Amazon Price or clicking on the Shop Amazon.

  • Accuracy : Accuracy: ±1/8" @ 30'
  • indoor visibility range : up to 50 feet
  • Self Leveling Range : ±5 Degrees
  • Warranty : 3 Year
  • PLS 60522
  • Accuracy : 1/4 inch @ 100 feet
  • Range : 200 feet with the PLS SLD compact laser receiver
  • Self-Leveling
  • Warranty : 3 Year
  • Measurement Accuracy : +/0.3 Mm/m
  • Indoor visibility range: 10m
  • Self levelling range: 4°
  • Warranty : 3 Year
  • Measurement Accuracy : Cross-Line +/- 1/8" at 30ft, Point +/- 1/4" at 30ft
  • Range : Plumb Points (up to): 15-ft., Cross Line (up to): 30-ft., Horizontal Points (up to): 100-ft.
  • Leveling Type : Self-Leveling, Up to 4°
  • Warranty : ask manufacture

For those of you who already know how to use it or if you know how to deal with this tool in order to help your project, so it is the perfect time for you to check out a couple of options that are available. This article will give a couple of them so that you can pick the proper one for you.

The best laser level is a must for those of you who like to do construction job or for those professionals who need a perfect and most accurate alignment for the projects or jobs that you have to finish. By using this tool, you can achieve the accuracy degree which cannot be gotten by using naked eyes or a spirit level. It is crucial for you to use the proper and appropriate tool.

You have to consider that every job has its own laser levels. Laser levels which have high-quality are perfect for a couple of applications and every laser level has high accuracy. But you also have to consider that each laser level comes with a couple of limitations. A couple of buyers need a laser level to be used for small jobs instead of the large industrial projects so based on the need, the proper laser level should be chosen. You also have to know a couple of mistakes that have been done by a lot of buyers so that you can learn from their mistakes and be careful to choose the right best laser level. These are a couple of factors that you have to know about best laser level and also a couple of common mistakes which have been done by many buyers while buying this tool.

VPerfect Accuracy

The most crucial thing that you have to know before you purchase laser level is the perfect accuracy. For instance, the good quality laser level comes with at least 3Xm while the high quality laser level comes with accuracy about 1.5Xm at 30 m distance. The rating of the accuracy depends on the precision of the laser level. If you find that the rating of the accuracy is less than 3Xm or more than 3Xm, the leveling task might be affected and also affect the project accomplishment.

VBright and Visible Beam

The best laser level should have a bright and visible beam. The main role of leveling is played by the laser beam, so it will be useless if the beam is not visible clearly. Laser levels which are featured red beam are the laser level which most commonly applied, but green is more visible for high quality indoor construction sites if compared to red one. A couple of low quality laser levels generate laser beam which comes with low brightness that is not visible even at very low lighting. A best laser level should have bright beam so you can see the lines easily in normal light and also to the maximum extent once you use laser level for outdoors or high lighting worksite.

VLong Battery Life

All of the laser levels use battery, so that all of the laser levels take up the battery power very fast and you have to charge it repeatedly and ends up very annoying for you. This problem is encountered in a couple of rotary laser levels. There are a couple of high quality laser levels which have been designed in order to consume little power so the life of the battery is longer than the standard laser levels. The best laser level must have the high quality less power and work very great for long time period so that the job can be done faster and you do not have to take break to charge it.

VMaximum Range

The laser level range is the amount of the spot which can be covered by the laser beam which has been produced by the laser level. The best laser level should be able to cover the maximum spot which is needed to be leveled. For those of you who want to use it indoor, it is not really important to consider about range because the area can be covered by all of the laser levels which might be needed for the indoor leveling but if you want to use it outdoor, it is very crucial to have maximum range of beam visibility for the laser level.

VPerfect Rotating Speed

Rotary laser level comes with rotating speed which decides the visibility of the beam which is projected by the rotary laser level, particularly for those of you who want to use the laser level outdoor. A couple of good rotary laser levels have a couple of rotating speed options while there are a couple of laser levels which have very less choices. It is perfect for you to have a couple of options because you are helped when the speed is too much. You have to consider that the beam will not be visible. A best laser level requires having a couple of rotating speed choices in order to get convenience.

VIP Rating

You will get the better quality of laser level if you get the higher IP rating. Because of the IP ratings decide the tool durability against a couple of factors such as water and dust, it is very crucial for you to have best laser level to have more IP rating. It is not very important to consider about IP rating for laser levels which are to be used in order to use for indoor because there will not be much exposure for those elements. If you want to use this tool for outdoors, you will get the perfect laser levels you have to get high IP rating.

VQuick Leveling

Laser levels have two kinds of leveling. The first type is manual leveling and the second type if self-leveling or automatic leveling. Manual leveling needs you to level the tool manually, because the automatic laser levels have a self-leveling feature. A couple of them come with automatic and some are manual. There are a couple of high quality laser levels which come with self-leveling and manual features which provide a couple of leveling options.


In a couple of cases, laser levels will be useless if a couple of internal sections of the device get crushed. It is important for the laser level to encounter maximum bumps for outdoor job sites. So that it is very crucial for the laser level to have rugged and strong construction which can bear the worst accidental fall. The laser level internal parts should be secured. A couple of elements such as water, debris and dust should be able to be resisted.

VEasy to Use and Install

Laser levels are almost similar to all technical tools which are very complicated. There are a couple of laser levels which have high quality and it is difficult to install and use and make a lot of consumers take a lot of time to install it. But there are also a couple of high quality laser levels which have precise features and also very easy to install and use such as digital display, easy control and specific buttons for user convenience. The best laser level must not take a lot of time to be installed and should have easy to use.

VMounting Threads

The best laser level should have a couple of mounting threads. This tool must be mountable in a couple of possible ways. This tool can be used for a couple of different worksites from outdoor sites such as farming field to home. A couple of laser levels can be mounted on rails, posts, walls and much more. A couple of laser levels cannot be mounted on tripods that can be a big problem if you use the laser level outdoors. So the best laser level can be mounted anywhere according to your preference.


The best laser level should be safe for you to use it because it is the most important feature of this tool. The tool comes with laser beam which cannot only affect you but it also can offer specific damage. The best laser level should not bring damage. There are a couple of laser levels that can be used for outdoors and have larger diode than the standard ones. You have to choose the best laser level that will be safe for you and a couple of other people.

This Bosch laser level offers an alignment solution and complete level without having to rotate motors. Operators can used this tool to line up plumb, square, align, and level by using one setup point by producing three 360 degrees laser planes which are two vertical and one horizontal. Without having to move, this laser level tool is easier, lighter, and more compact to calibrate and you can use it simply than traditional rotary lasers. You can use the three 360 degrees planes by yourself or you can also use by pressing the button which is perfect for aligning pipes and conduit, finish carpentry, window and door installation, shelf and cabinet alignment and leveling and much more.


DEWALT DW089K Line Laser

dewalt dw089k

This line laser comes with a couple of design enhancements in order to enhance the productivity on the jobsite. This tool is perfect for those of you who get the job with residential and commercial applications like installing chair rails, drop ceilings, cabinets, doors and windows. This tool is different from a couple of line lasers that you can find on the market as this tool comes with a second plumb line which forms 90-degree intersecting line which is located on the ceiling and the floor. You are allowed by the third vertical beam to use this tool in order to deal with layout applications and you do not have to need the second laser. You can save your time and it is the perfect time for you to be productive. In order to use as the commercial wall layout applications, this tool comes with a track clearance of more than 1 up to ¾-inch which means that you do not have to use additional accessories in order to enhance the laser. This line laser also comes with a micro adjust knob that can be sued for easy alignment, a durability of a metal roll cage, a pivot bracket which has been integrated and universal wall mount which is perfect for the ceiling installation. It is very important to have micro adjust knob because it will allow you to adjust the 90-degree layout lines in small increments and you do not have to need to nudge the laser to hit the certain mark. In order to get the visibility, you will find that the beam which is offer in this tool is two-times brighter than the beam that you can find on the current line laser of DEWALT. Increased visibility has been offered by the brighter beam over long distances and also in direct sunlight. When using this tool you can feel confident in order to get the better result


PLS 60522180

PLS 60522180 180 Tool Laser Level System

PLS 60522 180

This laser system is laser line tool for square, level, and plumb which is designed to help you deal with the layout jobs error-free, efficiently, and quickly. This tool comes with a couple of features for saving your time and money, consistent, and even on the toughest job sites as this tool is cheaper, less bulky and brighter than most rotary lasers. The measurement of this laser line tool is 2 x 2-7/8 x 3-3/8 inches. The weight of this tool is about 1.7 pounds so that you can take this tool on your hand. The package of this system includes SLD laser detector in order to expand the utility in terms of exterior applications and also both a hard-sell and pouch carrying case in order to help protect the tool from the rough thing of construction work. This tool is powered by three standard AA-sized batteries. These batteries can live for more than 30 hours without having to change the battery.


DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

dewalt dw088kThis self-leveling cross line laser will improve your consistency and productivity. This tool is perfect for those of you who have a job for commercial and residential applications such as mapping wall layout or installing wall tile or floor. The bright crossing vertical and horizontal lines can be projected by the laser with accuracy within 1/8-inch at 30 feet. This tool has full-time pulse mode which can be used with a detector in order to maintain full brightness in terms of visibility and also extend the range of working of the laser to 165 feet. This laser line comes with a durable design which is supported with over-molded housing and resistant of water and debris. This laser comes with individual buttons that can be found on the side control panel which generate all of the three beams.

Bosch GCL 25

Bosch GCL 25 Five-Pont Self-Leveling Alignment Laser with Cross Line

Bosch GCL25This self-leveling laser line is the combination laser which comes with a lot of features. This tool is perfect for those of you want to have a more convenient, effective, and adaptable tool that you can use daily. This tool is better for you to do any workshop or jobsite by using one button operation features which is very easy to use. Because of the new laser you can enhance the point laser portfolio. This laser offers combination layout applications, plumb transfer, square, vertical level, and horizontal level which is the perfect choice in terms of versatility. This laser has a couple of usages which making it the perfect tool for those of you who are dealing with a couple of jobs involving leveling, plumbing and squaring where you have to use a couple of tools. This laser is the perfect choice for those of you who have a job as general contractor, framer, kitchen installer, plumber, and electrician.