Tips to Choose Best Laser Level Tripod

best laser level tripodIt is important for you to have best laser level tripod as one of the important tools for those of you who like to do construction and surveying industry. This tool is very crucial because you have to mount your laser levels in order to get better guiding and reading when you are dealing with complex design or you just have to require better accuracy.

It means a lot to have best laser level tripod to those of you who are looking for easy time in order to use the laser level outdoors or indoors. Tripods are the essential tool in order to do a couple of different things such as grading, land surveying, installing cabinets and a couple of others which need the laser level usage.

Tips to Set up Laser Level by using Tripod

These are a couple of simple tips that you can do in order to set up a laser level by using tripod. The first thing to do that you have to do is to open the tripod strap and the screws should be loosened. The next step is that all of the legs should be extended in order to approximate the height of the head and the screws should be re-tightened. The third step is the tripod legs should be spread. The feet should be pressed on the ground and you have to try keeping the top of the tripod level. The step number four is that the laser level should be removed from the case and it should be placed on the top of the tripod. The laser level should be fixed into the tripod head and the screw should be tightened underneath. The tripod screw should be adjusted until the bubble is placed in the middle of the circle in order to make sure you level the laser tool.

Choosing the Best Laser Level Tripod

There are a couple of factors that you have to consider in order to choose the best laser level tripod.

The Capacity of Load Bearing

You have to keep in mind that not all of the laser levels come with the same weight. A couple of them will be lightweight while some others will be heavy. The laser level weight will affect the kind of tripod that you can choose. You also have to consider that not all of the laser levels come with large load bearing capacity. The description of the product will be the perfect place in order to start choosing best laser level tripod. You will find a couple of information about the maximum weight that you can load on the tripod once it can start to break or slide. It is important for you to work within the limits of your tripod in order to make sure that you will not break it.

The Tripod Material

The tripod material will decide the application and durability of the place of the tripod that you can use. Usually, you will find them being created of fiberglass, aluminum, or wood.

The tripods which have been made from aluminum for laser levels are the most tripods that you can find today. It happens as the aluminum material is perfect because it is very durable for bout outdoor and indoor use. The disadvantage of using aluminum is that the product is not sturdy enough and feels flimsy. Wood is other common materials which are used in order to make tripods. Wood is perfect because you can find it easily and you can create tripods for all round use in whatever conditions and situations that you will face. The issue is that wood will be very heavy in a couple of cases which is difficult to portable the tripod. For those of you who choose to buy fiberglass tripods, you have to be careful to use them. You have to maintain those tripods in order to prevent breaking them. Those tripods are also known to be very expensive for a lot of contractors.

The Tripod Adjustability or Height

It is important to adjust the height in order to accuracy and get the laser to get the different sections of the room. A lot of tripods will have height range that you can adjust when you are using them. You can choose one that comes with height range that you can use.

Tripod Head

When it comes for you to buy tripod, tripod head is the huge factor that you have to keep in mind. Flat tripod head is the common type that you can find today. The flat head is very easy to mount as there are a couple of options of laser level mounting. The dome head is also the perfect choice in order to change high accuracy. A lot of people will like to use the flat head in order to get the easy mounting of their lasers.

Tips to Maintain your Tripod

It is always better for you to get more information about the maintenance of the product before it is the perfect time for you to purchase it for the first time. For surveying tripods or laser level tripods, you can use and maintain them easily. You do not have to use a couple of additional equipments in order to help you maintaining or cleaning it. There are a couple of manufacturers that will give an advice to clean the tripod before your store it. It will help you to prevent the corrosion or damage. It is difficult to have corrosion, but when you have it, it will damage your equipment that you have. If you do not know a lot of information with cleaning, you have to consider checking out the manual in order to get additional information from the manufacturer about the tripod care tips.

By using best laser level tripod, it will help your job easier to deal with laser level. It means that you will enjoy your work faster and more accurately when you have to mount the laser level on a tripod. A couple of different manufacturers will come with a couple of features which make them bring the best laser level tripod. You have to make sure that you have to take time in order to learn more about the tripod before you buy it. This laser level tripod review will give a couple of options of tripod that you can choose.

  • DEWALT DW0737
  • DEWALT DW0881
  • BOSCH BT160
  • CST/berger 60-ALQRI20-O

DEWALT DW0737 Heavy-Duty Tripod



DEWALT DW0737 tripod is featured by maximum strength for transportable and applications features such as a handy shoulder strap and lightweight construction. This tripod is the perfect accessory in order to add to the collection of your tool. This tripod is made from high quality aluminum which is very sturdy and lightweight. This tripod comes with a flat head which is design with 11 threaded studs x 5/8-inch, so it is simple and easy to assemble it. This tripod comes with flexible legs that have a function to provide accessory with opened to closed off 60 inches to 38 inches. Meanwhile, this tripod provides stability thanks to its pointed steel feet.


DEWALT DW0881 ¼-Inch Tripod



The DEWALT ¼-inch laser tripod is created in order to be used with your DEWALT laser level tripod kit in order to help you level the structures, prep farmland, and level grade jobsites. This mounting pole can be extended up to 69 inches tall. This tripod comes with quick-release legs in order to set it up easily and faster. It is created with 20 mounting threads x ¼-inch and is worked well with all ¼-inch thread lasers and also measurers of laser distance. This tripod is made from a lightweight durable aluminum construction and also features 360-degree rotating head in order to get easy laser alignment.

Pacific Laser Systems

Pacific Laser Systems PLS Elevator Tripod



This Pacific laser system tripod is designed in order to work not only with a couple of kinds of PLS lasers but you can also use it with a couple of other laser levels and also optical levels because this tripod has the ability to mount with ¼-inch by 20 lasers and 5/8-inch by 11 lasers. This tripod will help you to save your money and it can be spent on working on a couple of other projects. This tripod comes with a great adjustable height from 26 inches to 114 inches. It also comes with rubber feet in order to protect the interior surface from scratching. It has carrying case which makes this tripod is very durable for transportation. This tripod is one of the most expensive because it comes with the longest extended height up to 9-feet 6-inches which have been combined with a universal mount.

Johnson Level and Tool

Johnson Level and Tool 5/80-inch by 11 Threaded Flat Head Tripod

Johnson Level & Tool 40-6340


This tripod comes with extendable legs which give this thing an adjustable working height of 480inch up to 65-inch. This tripod also comes with quick connection which is designed for lasers with 5/8-inch by 11-thread. This tripod is very lightweight because it is made from durable aluminum construction which is designed for portability and use for job site. The flat head comes with the design which features a 5/8-inch by 11-thread so that you can set it up easier and faster. The legs height can be adjusted by using a quick release clamp system from 67-inch to 41-3/4-inch. You can also get the shoulder strap that can be used for easy transport.

Bosch BT160

Bosch BT160 Alum Quick Clamp Tripod

Bosch BT160

Bosch BT160

This tripod has been created by Bosch, so that you can expect that this tripod is the perfect product that you want when it is the perfect time for you to choose the best laser level tripod. This tripod can be used for both outdoor and indoor use. This tripod also comes with wide feet in order to get aggressive support for the laser level. You can also find the strong aluminum frame. But the disadvantage of using it is the plastic clamps which secure the legs will cause the concern about the durability of this tripod. But talking about the price, this Bosch tripod comes with affordable price. The manufacturer of this tripod sure this tripod can be used both for indoor and outdoor situations and conditions. You can save a lot of money that you can use in order to purchase tripods for every condition. The sharp metal feet should be deployed for those of you who are looking to use the product outdoors. If you have to switch to interior working by using your laser, you can also retract them. This Bosch tripod also comes with electrostatic powder usage that will be looking perfect for a long time, even in a couple of extreme conditions. You do not have to worry about the stability when using this tripod. Its wide legs can be spread by this tripod so that the weight can be handled easily. Positive locking quick lamp can be used in order to make it easy to lock the tripod in place in order to prevent a couple of cases of sliding all of the time.

CST/Berger Heavy

CST/Berger Heavy Duty Contractor Aluminum Tripod

CST/berger 60-ALQRI20-O


The aluminum metal looks like to be the perfect choice for a lot of manufacturers of laser level tripod. The aluminum tripod that you get when you purchase this tripod provides a lot more than being lightweight. This tripod provides strength and rigidity which is making this tripod one of the best tools which engineers, surveyors, and contractors want to buy today. This tripod comes with positive locking clamps which will hold its position all the times. This tripod also comes with electros powder paint which is very durable and also long lasting finish. It comes with heavy duty poly webbing shoulder strap that will help you to have additional strength. The strap will be used in order to spread the weight of the tool which has been mounted to the feet to get the better stability. The disadvantage of using this tripod is the manual is not easy to be used in order to set up and using this tripod. The side struts and the extension legs of the tripod are created of silver which has been anodized that is still a powerful material which can bring durability which a lot of people want to have. The overall weight of this tripod is 13 pounds so that this tripod is very lightweight.

Stabila Self Leveling Rotating

Stabila Self Leveling Rotating Laser with Tripod and Grade Rod

Stabila 05155


This tripod comes with a range of more than 600-feet. You can also use this tripod for vertical and horizontal rotation with 3 stage plumb and scan line. This tripod is weather, water, and dust resistant. It has been protected by a metal roll cage and also shock absorbing rubber bumper system. The accuracy of this tripod of ¼-inch is over 100-feet. The laser level tripod kit features ResCon Laser, hard shell case, target plate, elevation rod, tripod, and electronic receiver with clamp. Stabila provides a 2 year guarantee and 48 hour turn-around time on replacement or repair.

Davis and Sanford

Davis and Sanford Provista Tripod with FM18 Head

Davis & Sanford Provista 7518


This Provista tripod is created for those of you who want to have a heavy-duty tripod for a couple of situations and applications such as industrial, educational, studio, and field. This tripod offers cameras weighing up to 18 pounds. The provista tripod is three-part aluminum which is supported with non-glare black anodized finish. This tripod also comes with quick release leg locks which are very easy to use even when you are in the cold season. In order to set it up faster, the locks flip will be opened and closed with a half twist only. The section of top-leg of the tripod comes with double-strut construction in order to make the stability. It also features a 75 millimeter claw ball which will add stability and mobility to your shooting. The most professional tripod heads will be accepted by the 3/8-inch mounting screw. The traction will be provided by the rubber feet on any surface outdoors and indoors. The max height of the Provista tripod is about 64-inch. Meanwhile, the minimum height of the tripod is 31-inch. The weight of the tripod without a height is about 8-pounds. The ProVista tripod is matched up perfectly with the FM18 Fluid Head that can also hold up to 18 pounds. This tripod is created in order to be used heavy-duty with large camcorders and mini DVs, which are providing fluid-smooth 360 panning and 9- up and down tilting. The panning and tilting mechanism will be separately unlocked and locked by easy-grip knobs. This tripod includes mid level spreader which adds additional support Rubber feet that will grab a lot of surfaces. This tripod comes with sliding quick release place system that will offer balance control when you use it. You can also find that there are 2 removable pan handles which can be adjusted that provides easy maneuverability. This amazing tripod also comes with independent tilt. So without further ado, this camera is the perfect choice for you.