Bosch GTL3 Review For More Effective Tile or Wall Indoor Job

Based on some Bosch GTL3 review, the Bosch GTL3 professional tile laser tool provides a highly visible laser lines which could be clearly seen on adjacent working surfaces in front of the laser tool. The Bosch GTL3 works the best for wall and floor covering laser. The switchable 45 degree line eases the users to verify the proper positions while installing square tiles between 0 and 90 degrees.

Basically, the Bosch GTL3 projects a cross line laser which is useful for indoor jobs that require lining up. It fits the majority of tripods, therefore, it is easier for you to use this laser tool to level floor or ceiling. The tool levels automatically and helps you to save time with its strong and straight laser lines. The Bosch GTL3 is also known as an improved version of the former GTL2. GTL3 has a longer range than the GTL2 as it reaches out to up to 65 feet. The GTL3 definitely offers a more efficient design and it is also easier to use. Take a look at the Bosch GTL3 review below.

Bosch GTL3 Review


Special Features

Bosch GTL3 Review : Special Features

With this Bosch GTL3 tile laser tool, you will get several features including:

  • The Bosch GTL3 projects 90-lines for squaring, for an easier centering and precise adjustment over point, the laser lines can be positioned in front of the laser base.
  • It produces bright and extra visible laser lines.
  • It is waterproof and dustproof (certified at IP54)
  • Magnetic attachment secures attachment on positioning plate and some other ferrous-metal surfaces

What is Included?

  • (1) GTL3 wall/floor covering laser
  • (1) Laser target
  • (1) Soft carrying pouch
  • (1) Versatile steel position plate
  • (4) AA 1.5 volt batteries



  • It’s very easy to use with its simple one-button operation feature.
  • Its dust and waterproof.
  • Bosch GTL3 is compact and light.
  • Strong magnets situated at the bottom of the unit that provide a tight and secure attachment.
  • Bosch GTL3 provides greater precision


  • Its time-out is notably short, as it tends to shut off after 45 minutes or so.
  • While the tool works much better indoors, its useful range is only about eight feet without laser glasses on.


Benefits and Limitations of Bosch GTL3

Bosch GTL3 benefits

In the following Bosch GTL3 review, several benefits and limitations of this device are addressed. The most important benefits of this tool is that Bosch GTL3 is simple to use and works well indoors. It is also advised to use this laser tool for tile jobs. Forget using string lines and chalk lines that might get in the way, you easily can use Bosch GTL3 to layout the tile down. It is an excellent tool for tile work due to its accuracy. You can keep the lines straight, hence, it allows you to save bucks and time to set up the floor job.

This laser is also handy for framing walls or any works which need to be set at straight lines or 45/90 degree layouts. Whether it is tile, framing, or whatever jobs you are going to do. The lines produced are crisp, narrow, bright, but consistent. Bosch GTL3 is the most accurate laser line for indoor works. Moreover, this unit can also be backed into a corner of a room so that it rests against both walls. The design of this laser also allows you to have the tool behind the lines you are creating. Other lasers sit right on the line, making the users not being able to re-check when the tiles are already set.

In using this laser tool, simply click a button to move between horizontal, vertical, incline, cross, or even plumb levels. The Bosch GTL3 is useful for everything, even from hanging photos until getting the right lines for tiles. The fitted handle makes the use of this tool quite easy. In addition, the strategically placed padding also allows the users to transport and store the tool easily. You can also use the soft carrying bag, which comes with the tool, for extra protection. Another great thing about this laser tool, it does not require you to use the special glasses to see the beam in daylight.

Bosch GTL3 limitation


Although the Bosch GTL3 works like magic, several limitations also need to be addressed in this Bosch GTL3 review. Firstly, since this laser is designed for indoor uses, it is not recommended for outdoor works, even in cloudy day. If you have to use this laser tool outdoor, only do the work after dark. Secondly, the time-out is a little on the short side as it shuts off after about 40 to 45 minutes for battery saving purposes. Big jobs require the laser to be turned on for a long time. Hence, be careful in using this laser tool if you need it to project the laser for more than 45 minutes.

Another limitation of the Bosch GTL3 is that, sometimes, the laser line is not really visible on dark tile, but it shows up well on light colored tile. Some users also face difficulties in seeing the lines in a brightly lit area. If the room you are working on has a lot of windows, it can also be hard to see the lines with naked eyes. It is also a bit expensive for some, but you do pay for the quality.



Since the Bosch GTL3 is quite easy to use, this laser tool is worth to consider compared to its adequate competitors. The GTL3 also weighs in at barely more than a pound, hence it is highly transportable when using. Although there are several drawbacks, it does not affect the Bosch GTL3’s extreme reliability and accuracy. Considering the benefits above, therefore, this laser tool is a perfect choice for any indoor wall or floor jobs.

If you are interested in buying this product, you can purchase the Bosch GTL3 on Amazon, or you can simply visit stores nearby to check the availability of the device. This Bosch GTL3 review will help you in scrutinizing the product. If the price is budging you, consider the GTL3 as an investment since the tool is very durable and transport friendly.