Green Laser Level VS Red Laser Level Review and Comparison

For those of you who are confused to choose whether you buy green laser level or the red one, it is normal for you when you walk through the market. For those of who are beginners in this industry, it is confusing for you to choose the proper laser level that you have to buy as your investment. When it comes for you to choose the laser level, it is daunting to pick green laser level or red laser level. This article will help you to solve this problem by giving you the important features of green laser level in order to get the high quality of work according to your preference.

Visible light will make your eyes sensitive because it comes with a small electromagnetic region. The lasers visibility is decided by the power output and the wavelength. The visible light wavelength is in the range of 400 up to 700nm while the color is ranging from red to violet.

Laser levels that are considered with the similar power output, wavelengths are brighter with nearer to 555nm where green laser level is the brightest among a couple of other colors such as violet, blue, and red. However, when you found that the wavelengths are the same, there are a couple of higher power output which shows brighter like 650 nm laser product is brighter if compared to the laser product which is supported with 650 nm at less than 1mV.

Choosing Green Laser Level Rather Than Red One

green laser level

A green laser level is the best one so far which has been used many users. They usually apply this laser at a 532nm wavelength in a Class IIIA. The green laser level can be detected better than the red one. In a very good condition, it can be visible for a couple of thousands of feet at less than 5mV. Green is also the perfect option because it is nearer the visible spectrum center which is making this color visible for your eyes. More energy will be utilized which is accounting for a visibility in the longer distance.

A green diode which is emitting a laser can be sensed from far away without having to use a detector and you can see it as a solid line that you can get from rotating laser which brings it a perfect edge in interior jobs. Since a longer distance can be covered by it, it means that you can save a lot of time in order to setup.

You have to consider that green diodes are more expensive to generate by 20% up to 25% add on the budget if compared to red one. The green laser level uses more power in order to operate that needs lesser total operation time if compared to the red one. Meanwhile, these make a lot of buyers choose green laser level because it comes with a lot of advantages.

The green laser level is the most choice which has been preferred in the round construction, for dealing with the suspended ceilings and dry walling and when it comes to mixing interior and exterior work. The green laser is well recommended in the construction of the interior but it comes with disadvantages in exterior things even with high outcome power as the green laser is dissipated easily in daylight.

For those of you who want to use green laser level in order to work your exterior, it is better for you to choose one which is supported by outdoor function for visibility and also it cannot be combined by using detector.

When it comes for you to purchase a laser level, the beam you choose reinforces the precision in order to use in your work. There are a couple of beams and colors with colors such as violet, blue, red, and green that you can choose. If you are ready to choose the one that you are looking for, you have to know the purpose of this tool whether you want to use it for exterior, interior or both of conditions.

With red and green laser level which has been commonly used in the projects of construction, green is superior because it comes with great visibility and distance. The green laser level is more sensitive for your eyes and you can see from far away if compared to the red one. If you are dealing with large scale interior jobs, green laser is the perfect choice and you can also use it for exterior projects.

Things to Consider when Choosing Laser Level

This green laser level review will also give a couple of tips that you can follow in order to choose the best laser level according to your needs.

Visibility and Accuracy Range

When you find the accurate laser level, it means that you can be able to decide the leveling of the surface of work by an inch fraction. A tool which has rating of +5/16-inch accuracy is less accurate if compared to tool with +1/8-inch. It is better for you to get the more accurate laser level. However, the range of visibility comes with the distance which the laser can be seen with your bare eyes. If you get the longer range of visibility, you can work the larger surfaces. 50-feet are the perfect range for those of you who are working for small to mid-scale construction sites. Meanwhile, you will need higher visibility tools for large-scale construction.

Automatic Leveling VS Manual Leveling Lasers

A couple of inexpensive laser level is manual leveling. It means that you have to check out the bubble vial in order to check if the tool is leveled or not. In order to level the tool manually, you just have to adjust a couple of thumbs screws. Self-leveling laser come with internal pendulum which automatically does the leveling for you. There are a couple of benefits and disadvantages to those types of laser level. Both kinds of laser level are useful especially self-leveling lasers that will save you a lot of time and can make sure that you will get more accurate outcomes. However, manual leveling lasers can be maintained freely.

Dual—Beam VS Horizontal Lasers

Laser beam can only be emitted by horizontal lasers and are perfect for checking the leveling of floor. This laser comes with the capability in order to highlight irregularities in the surface of work, the applications of this laser are limited, but can also be inexpensive if compared to dual beam lasers. Two beams are emitted by the dual beam lasers which are vertical and horizontal. Dual beam laser levels come with individual buttons for the two beams so you can use them separately and also you can get the flexibility. This kind of laser can be applied as plumb.

  • Accuracy : +/-0.125
  • Accuracy Per 100 FT : +/-0.125 IN
  • Indoor Visibility Range : 100
  • Warranty : 3 Year
  • Accuracy : +/-0.125
  • Accuracy Per 100 FT : +/-0.125 IN
  • Indoor Visibility Range : 100
  • Warranty : 3 Year
  • Accuracy : 5/32 inch
  • Self-Leveling Range : +/- 4 degrees
  • Range with Detector : 165 feet
  • Warranty : 3 Year
  • Kaitian Green Line Laser Level
  • Measurement Accuracy : 1/25in@32.8 feet
  • Special Features : Green Line
  • Power : 3.7V Ni-MH Battery
  • Warranty : 1 Year

DEWALT DW088LG Green Cross line Laser level

For those of you who are looking for a laser level which helps you improve the efficiency of the projects of your construction. This green laser level DEWALT is the perfect choice for you. By using green laser diodes, a greater visible range can be gotten of about 100-feet, which



is more visible if compared to red laser diodes. Meanwhile, by using 12V lithium-ion battery compatibility, you will get long lasting battery time.

You are offered by the rechargeable power tool batteries with convenience. The device comes with self leveling cross lines which features horizontal lines and bright crossing vertical for different leveling and layout applications.

DEWALT DW088LG also comes with a magnetic bracket which has been incorporated which is mounted on the tool rear part which lets flush attachment to metal and steel tracks. This DEWALT green line laser level also comes with a full-time pulse mode which offers a detector. These great features make this green laser level one of the best ones that you can find on the market.


DEWALT DW089LG Green Laser Level

For those of you who want to take your business of construction to the whole new level, you have to consider using this DEWALT DW089LG Green laser level. Three 360-degree green beam lasers can be generated by the DW089LG which makes you get any kind of plumb, level, or square jobs. This green laser level comes with the capability which is very useful for electricians, remodelers, carpenters, and for those of you who want to line up a room to another whole new level. There are a couple of benefits which are offered by t



his green laser level. It comes with accuracy and long range. This laser level comes with an attractive indoor range of one hundred feet which you can extend if you use a laser receiver. Besides that, this laser level features impressive durability. This DEWALT DW89LG comes with an IP rating of 65 which is nearly perfect that means it is very dust, water resistant and shock damage. This green laser level has 5/8-inch and ¼-inch threads which magnets can be attached to. The level will be allowed by the attaching magnets to be mounted to any metal surface which is enhancing the functionality and usage options of the level. Rechargeable battery of this laser level is very powerful. The charging pack is standard which is supported with every standard DW089LG which means that you do not have to buy expensive batteries. You just have to charge the battery overnight and you can use the level for a work for full day.


DEWALT DW089K Line Laser

This DEWALT line laser comes with a couple of design enhancements in order to increase your productivity on the job site. This laser level is perfect for those of you who work on commercial and residential applications like installing windows, doors, chair rails, drop ceilings,

dewalt dw089k


and cabinets. This laser is different from a couple of others that you can find on the market, this laser comes with a second plumb line which features a 90-degree intersecting line on the ceiling and floor. Contractors are allowed by the third vertical beam in order to use the tool for layout applications and you do not have to use the second laser. You also can save a lot of time and you are allowed to be productive. In terms of the commercial layout applications, this laser level comes with a track clearance of more than 1 up to ¾-inch. It means that you can do not have to use additional accessories in order to raise the laser over the drywall track. This line laser also comes with a micro adjust knob that you can use for alignment easily, and integrated bracket, a metal roll cage for durability and universal wall mount which is perfect for acoustical installation of ceiling. It is important to use the micro adjust knob because you are allowed in order to adjust the 90-degree layout lines in small increments and you do not have to nudge the laser in order to hit a particular mark. For visibility that has been improved, the beam is two-times brighter than the beam that can be found on the current line laser of DEWALT. The beam which is brighter offers visibility which has been increased from far away and also in direct sunlight. Contractors are allowed to feel good about the results when they are using this tool.

Kaitan Green Laser Level

Kaitan Green Laser Level 5 Line 1 Point Laser Level

This laser level comes with a couple of great features. Green laser level is brighter the others laser levels. It comes with the slope function

kaitian green line laser level

Kaitan Green Laser Level 5

which is supported with lock mode that can be applied for any angle layout. This laser level can indicate the condition of out-of-level which

alert automatically when you do not place it horizontally within 3 degrees. By pressing the outdoor button, power of laser lines can be doubled. DC and AC dual are also can be found on this laser. You can use as power source by batteries and direct current. When the battery is placed in the compartment and the AC power is connected, you can charge the battery you have done with your smart phone. It is also designed with Plumb/Down point so that this laser level can be moved wherever you want to.