PLS Laser PLS-60541 Review – Best Laser Lever 2016

The leveling and alignment are the most important task assigned to the contractor. It sounds like nothing, but when it comes to the reality, this task is the most difficult of all. The old methods of doing so are quite cumbersome and require too much effort. They are also prone to errors. Thus a new system was introduced to do so. The laser has the features that make it perfect to check whether the surface it is passing along is straight or not. This feature was finely used, and the laser-based layout devices were found. The PLS Laser PLS-60541 is one of the best laser devices that are being widely used by professional contractors all over the world. Here is the PLS Laser PLS-60541 review to let you know about the features of the device.

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PLS Laser PLS-60541 Review : Laser system

Light travels in the straight line. Laser being light does the same. There is no way that the laser can deviate from the path and thus it is perfect for the layout tasks. The fact that laser is concentrated about a fixed point and has a high density makes it more visible and accurate. Thus this is used in the level measuring and alignment devices.

The laser system that is used in the device is quite fascinating and quite accurate. The laser system has 5 bright points that shoots the laser light and then detects whether they are traveling in the straight line or not. The device has the unique ability to send and detect the laser light that makes it the best tool for layout and leveling tasks. The device has the ability of self-leveling in the range of 6 degrees. This is the best that you can ever expect from the leveling device.

Special features

The device has some of the best features that you can ever imagine. The contractors are looking for something that makes their task quite easy. For this, they need something that has all the expected qualities in their best form. Here are the details of the special features and qualities of the PLS Laser PLS-60541.


There are many times when the working site is quite different. Sometimes you have to work inside for small layout tasks like cabinets, doors, and ceilings. But there are times when you have to pick up your kit and start working outdoors. You need the layout machine for both the situations. The PLS Laser PLS-60541 is made for all versatile working conditions. The device can operate in indoor, with the quality laser light in the short distance and at the same time, it can also be used in the external construction with the extended laser range and optimized detection techniques.


When it comes to construction, you need to be the contractor who can do work efficiently and fast. This is only possible when you have the devices and tools that are reliable and accurate. The leveling and alignment tasks are quite difficult to perform, and a slight change in the observation can lead to destructive results. Thus you need a device that is reliable and accurate while leveling the surfaces. The PLS Laser PLS-60541 is the most reliable device that you can find in the market for the leveling tasks. The ultra-accurate laser system produces accurate results with all the details. If there is any out-of-level situation, the device detects it automatically and let you know at the instant. The auto-leveling of the device in the range of 6 degrees is quite a blessing. You do not have to worry about small calibration issues.

HVD Detector

As mentioned earlier, the leveling devices may work perfect in the internal construction, but when it comes to breaking a sweat in outdoor, the devices may give faulty results or collapse completely. The problem is that in high sunlight, the detectors do not work properly and the laser is not received properly. To avoid this situation, the PLS Laser PLS-60541 has an external detector called the HVD detector that let you detect the laser light more accurately in outdoor. The ultimate detection property of this detector makes the device the best of all. You do not have to worry about the physical condition while working with the device.

What is in the box?

The device comes with all the tools that are essential in the layout projects. It is not only about the device, but there are also always tools that need to be used with the device for the perfect results. The device comes with the ultimate HVD laser detector for outdoor construction tasks, pendulum layout target that allows you to have the self-leveling and saving the previous observations. There are magnetic wall brackets in the box that allow you to set the device above the ground on any support, especially the walls. There is a floor case that makes it comfortable for you to set the device on the floor. More than that you can also have the pouch in which you can keep the device safe at all times.


The device has so many qualities that must be mentioned in this review.

  • The complete layout and leveling system.
  • Works fine in all the physical conditions.
  • Especially designed HVD detector for outdoor layouts.
  • Reliable and gives the best results. You cannot expect any faulty observations from the device.
  • The device has the unique ability for self-leveling in the range of 6 degrees.


  • The weight of the device makes it difficult for you to handle it.


The construction tasks are all based on the layout projects. No matter how fantastic piece of work you have done, if the layout of the curtain walls, cabinets, and the ceiling is not done properly then you may not be able to show the quality of the work. Thus you need this device for making your work look fantastic. The pros of the device make it the best of all. Thus you need to have this device to give the professional touch to your work. If you are still waiting, then you are really wasting your time. Order now and get the PLS Laser PLS-60541.


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