SKIL MT 8201 Review – Best Crossline Laser Level 2016

The layout projects are the most important thing that you have to do in the construction. If you are a professional contractor that you must be knowing that how much people like to have the straight curtain walls, cabinets, doors and the ceilings. In this situation, the layout devices are now in the discussion. The older methods for leveling and alignment are quite obsolete, and it is quite difficult to use them for the leveling tasks. The laser technology is now introduced for the leveling tasks and layout projects. The laser is the best technology due to some of the properties it has.

SKIL MT 8201 review


SKIL MT 8201 Review : Laser

The laser is being widely used in the leveling devices. There are many properties, and features that it has that make it the best option. First of all, the laser travels in a straight line. Now if you want to know that the surface is straight or not, all you need to do is to do let laser pass beside the surface, and you will know the answer for sure. The second property of the laser is that it is concentrated about a fixed center. Thus it can be seen without any big problem. Furthermore, it has quite a large range.

The laser system in the device

skil mt 8201

The SKIL MT 8201 is the best leveling device that is using the laser level system. The device uses mainly two laser layers, horizontal and vertical. The both layers give the much accurate results about the leveling. There are different moods of the device like the automatic mood and the manual mood. The laser is highly concentrated and can be used for the leveling assignments for inside as well as outside. Here is the SKIL MT 8201 review. The laser specification of the device is as under.

  • Leveling Accuracy: 4 + / –
  • Angle Range: Maximum 30-ft
  • Batteries: AA
  • Angle Accuracy: Maximum ¼ in +/-
  • Comes with a Carrying Case


The best feature of the device is that will be discussed in the SKIL MT 8201 Review is that it can be used in all physical conditions. Now you do not expect to have the similar construction site for different constructions. Thus the device must be compatible with all.  There are times when you are working indoor, and you need to have high accuracy on short surfaces. This device is capable of providing that. Then when you are working outside, you need to have the accuracy as well as strength at large distances. This device is capable of doing that, and its outdoor range is more than 100 ft.


The mounting issues are quite extensive in the leveling devices. There are times when you do not have a plain polished surface to mount the device on. In this situation, you must have the device that can be mounted on any surface. The good news is that this device can do that. You can have it mounted on any surface using the special brackets that are included in the box.


You are working on a mega project; you cannot afford to have a wrong calculation. When you are doing the layout projects, you must be very careful because the layout and leveling are like the apparent beauty of the construction. If you cannot get it right, your whole construction will look ugly. No matter how much you can spent on it. The device is quite reliable, and you cannot expect faulty results from it. It detects the out-of-level situation and reports them to the operator. There is no way that you are doing to be unaware of the situation of your machine.

Easy to use

One of the problems with the older devices is that you cannot use the devices with comfort. There were crummy panels that need to be configured a long time before the actual reading. Well, this is not the case in the device. This device can also be referred to as one button device. There are no techno buttons on the device, and you can use the device with ease. You do not have to do any certification to become an expert. All it takes is that you must know that what you are using the device for.

Automatic leveling and sensing

One of the best features of this device that will be discussed in the SKIL MT 8201 Review is the self-leveling. There is a range in which this device can get itself leveled and calibrated. The out-of-level situation is reported to the operator as soon as it gets detected. You do not have to worry about checking the device again and again. More than that there are many other features of the device that make it special. One of the facts is that the older values of the layout tasks can be saved in the device and you can use them in the further tasks. They will not be lost in any situation.


Summarizing the SKIL MT 8201 Review, the device has the features that you cannot expect a regular leveling device to have. These features are the pros of the device to the other ones. Here is a small list of the pros that the device has.

  • The device has the perfect leveling laser system that uses the cross lines to detect the problem on the surface.
  • It has moods like automatic mood where the device can level itself and at the same time, the manual mood let you have the automatic out-of-level situation detection.
  • The device is quite reliable and easy to use.
  • The device can be used on any sort of surface.


  • The device may be difficult to handle as it has some extra weight on it.


After reading the whole SKIL MT 8201 Review, it is evident that this device is a must when it comes to the layout projects. If you are a professional contractor, then your reputation is always online. If you are not conscious enough on fixing these problems with a device that is giving the professional touch, then you are doing the wrong thing. Order the device now and make splendid achievements in the field.

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