Tips to Choose Best Laser Tape Measure


By using best laser tape measure you are surely want to throw away your traditional tape measure, graph paper, and pencil. If compare the old and the new one, surely the laser tape measure will be more accurate and efficient than the traditional one. You can use the laser tape measure much quicker than the traditional one. You do not have to deal with trailing your tape. Point and shoot are the ones that you have to do. This tool is very efficient and faster rather than having to count the lines on a traditional tape. And inaccuracies can also be eliminated which have been caused by crooked or sagging tapes. You can also get measurements in a couple of units so you do not have to convert from inches and feet in order to metric or from decimal to fractional inches. At this article, you will find a comparison on a couple of reliable and trusted versions and you will find a couple of information that you need before you buy best laser tape measure.

  • Accuracy: 3/32-in
  • Range : up to 100 ft
  • Warranty : ask
  • LEICA DISTO E7400x
  • Accuracy: ± 0.04 in
  • Range : up to 395 ft
  • Warranty : ask
  • BOSCH GLR 825
  • Accuracy: ± 0.04 in
  • Range : 2-in. (50 mm) to 825-ft. (251 m)
  • Warranty : ask
  • BOSCH GLM 80
  • Accuracy: ±1/16 (1.5 mm) in
  • Range : 2-in. (50 mm) to 265-ft. (80 m)
  • Warranty : ask

This laser tape measure review will give you a couple of best laser tape measures that are suitable for you. For those of you who are looking for laser tape measure in order to calculate complex geometry for huge jobs or you are looking for laser tape measure app in order to calculate area, distance, and volume estimates, this lists will help you to pick the best laser tape measure that are suitable for your needs.

It is easy to use laser measure as your traditional tape measure. You just have to put the device at the end of something that you want to measure and then it should be pointed to the other end and the last thing to do is pressing the button. The distance will be calculated by the tape measure between your target and it and it will be displayed on the screen. It is faster for you to do it than reading it and stretching out the tape and spaces can be measured without having to cross them and bothering the others. You also do not have to accompany by your friends in order to hold the end for you when you have to measure across the gap or high on the wall.

There are a couple of best laser tape measures that you can choose in terms of complex geometry calculation functions, volume measurements, and simple length. It is difficult to choose best laser tape measure. You just have to consider a couple of factors whether you are looking for something that can be used to calculate complex geometries, of something that can be used in order to measure board lengths. These are a couple of factors that you have to consider when it comes for you to choose the best laser tape measure for your need.


The best laser tape measure comes with limits to the distance of the thing that you want to measure but some others can measure farther distances like their traditional counterparts than a traditional tape. There are a couple of ranges that you have to consider in terms of model.

65-feet basic model will be the perfect choice for you to if you want to use your laser tape for a couple of small jobs around your apartment, a small business, or a small sized American house. Mid-range model it the perfect choice for you for those of you who have projects around larger houses, large lots of agricultural properties, large warehouses, houses with angled or high ceilings.

The high-range and high-middle models will the suitable for road workers, field workers, and construction contractors which can measure lengths better than the field of American Football.

Precision and Accuracy

The best laser tape measure is very accurate basically. This tape measure works well by utilizing the precision lasers and optics in order to calculate distance by calculating the time that has been spent to travel the laser to its target or you can compare the reflection of the beam to the physics of the beam which has been projected. The whole accuracy depends on the position of the laser or how you hold the laser. If you take a couple of measurements, it is crucial for you to hold the unit strongly and it should be carefully pivoted.

A lot of models generate a couple of measurements which have plus or minus. A couple of models are more prices if compared to a couple of others and generate a couple of measurements within minus or plus. In this case, you can choose a couple of cheaper ones which are less precise and generate a couple of measurements.

A couple of models which have less precise measurements will be the perfect choice for those of you who want to use your best laser tape measure for basic place calculations. These calculations are perfect choice for you to paint or tilt measures or estimating distances which do not need to be precise like siding estimates and fence lines.

The most mid-range and low models compete with a couple of traditional measuring tapes. This precision is perfect for most landscaping, construction, carpentry, or DIY work. For those of you who want to make a couple of measurements for a couple of high precision jobs like road grading, foundation laying, or pipe laying will have to use a higher end model which can generate measurements.

Laser Tape Measure Functionality

The best laser tape measure comes with a couple of functionalities. All of the models can display a couple of measurements that you can find in metric, decimal feet, inches and feet, and inches. Almost all of the models can calculate simple volume, area, and distance but a couple of models can calculate more geometry which has been advanced.

The average carpenter, contractor, or hobbyist will only have to calculate volume, area, and distance. These are a couple of typical functions for those of you who are looking for best laser tape measure for more complex works.

Length: It is used in order to measure simple distance between two points like the width of your doors or windows or the length of baseboard or a wall.

Area: It is used in order to calculate total surface space from width and length like the surface are of wall that you want to paint or a yard that you want to landscape, or a floor that you want to tile.

Volume: It is used in order to calculate the volume of the area from height, width, and length like the most of fill that you want for your garden bed, the concrete volume that you want in order to pour your driveway or the water volume in your square swimming pool.

Measuring continuously: It is used in order to wall off measurements and also a path from a door, wall, or another surface like the edge of lawn or a property line.

Measurement Mode: It is used in order to accurate measurement from the longest or shortest distance from that point to the fixed reference.

Multi-surface: It is used in order to calculate the total space of a couple of surfaces which are supported with common height or length like garden or wall plots.

Pythagoras: It is used to measure the width or the height form a distance indirectly. You have to keep in mind the Pythagoras from your high school geometry subject. You just have to prepare two measurements in order to calculate the vertical or horizontal distances.

Double Indirect: It is used to measure portions of total height from a distance. You just have to need three measurements in order to decide vertical and horizontal distances within a triangle. This is better to decide partial height like window or balcony height.

Combined Indirect: It is used in order to measure the total height from distance.

Trapezoid: It is used in order to calculate surfaces which are angled like frontage areas, roof slopes, or sloped ceilings which are trapezoidal.

Stake Out: It is used to measure the same length in order to install a couple of stakes or junctures like lamp posts or fence posts.

Angle Measuring: It is used to measure the angle between two surfaces like slanted ceiling corners or angles or roof pitch which have angles wider or narrower than 90 degrees.

Battery Life

The best laser tape measure comes with rechargeable and replaceable batteries. The life of your battery depends on the type of use. A lot of unites will have to use new batteries or have to be recharged. So it is a perfect idea in order to keep space batteries and the unit should be powered off when you do not use it. A couple of units come with auto shut-off mode in order to help enhance the life of the battery.


A lot of models can store a couple of measurements, so you do not have to stop and write down a couple of measurements as you on the way. A couple of models store a couple of measurements. You have to choose one which stores a lot of measurements for those of you who want to use it for complex and big jobs.

Other Features

A lot of best laser tape measures also have perfect accessories. A couple of models come with batteries and some others have a belt loop, holster, and carrying pouch. A lot of laser tape measures have a basic warranty from manufacturer, and the unit will be replaced by the manufacturer if it is break or defective within the period of warranty. Units that can be recharged come with rechargeable battery and come with charger and battery.

A couple of laser tapes are created to use outdoor and come with durable cases, back-lit screen, or scratch proof screens. Some others are created for lighter indoor use. You have to choose something shock and durable, water and scratch resistant for those of you who are using it outdoors. For indoor use, scratch resistance is a perfect feature, but you do not have to use the water resistant one if you want to use it inside.

Stanley STHT77138X

Stanley STHT77138X Laser Distance Measurer TLM99

Stanley STHT77138X


This laser distance measurer decides distance up to 100 feet by using an accuracy of minus or plus 3/32-inch. This laser measurer comes with a couple of great features which will make your job easier. This item is very perfect for builders, inspectors, architects, painters, remodelers, masons, contractors, and electricians in order to precisely and easily measures the distance and calculates the volume and area for commercial and residential design and construction projects.

Bosch GLR825

Bosch GLR825 Laser Measure

bosch glr825


This laser measure can measure the distances up to 825-feet by using an accuracy of 1/25-inch, which is making this measurer the longest most-accurate outdoor laser market in the world nowadays. This unit comes with integrated viewfinder that can be used for long range. Besides that is also comes with 11 measurement modes which is perfect for practical and provides a large display which has been illuminated.

Leica DISTO E7400x

Leica DISTO E7400x 390ft Laser Distance Meter



This item is a great mix of function and form in terms of hand held laser measuring unit. The distance that can be measured is up to 390-feet, it can also calculate the height values or by using tiles sensor, measure volume, area or horizontal distances. This unit has been used by professionals in a couple of profession such as MRO, HVAC, contractor, real estate, door/window, architecture, engineering, and much more.

Leica DISTO D2

Leica DISTO D2 200ft Laser Distance Measurer



This Leica is very easy to use and amazingly precise. This unit is an innovative and compact measurement tool which helps you to calculate volumes, areas, and distances painless and quick. It is designed by using indoor construction. This unit also is the most basic and the smallest in the popular DISTO series of Leica. You can get three-year warranty if you purchase this unit.

Bosch GLM 80

Bosch GLM 80 Laser Measure

bosch glm 80

Bosch GLM 80

GLM 80 Laser Distance and Angle Measure by Bosch is the great thing that you can use in order to make a simple and accurate measurement. There are a couple of measurement features and modes that make this units user friendly and compact. This GLM 80 is also easier for you to use it to calculate angles, volume, area, or distance with precision and quickly.

CST/Berger TLM100

CST/Berger TLM100 Laser Distance Measurer

Berger TLM100

Berger TLM100

If you have a problem with long-distance measuring, it will be spend your time and this is inaccurate for you. But by using the FatMax Tru laser measuring system, you can solve your problem by using laser technology easily. This is perfect for those of you who have to measure farther than you can reach. You just have to point the laser and then the button should be pressed and there you go.

Bosch GLR225

Bosch GLR225 Laser Measure

Bosch GLR225


The Bosch GLR225 laser measure offers accurate long-distance measurements up to 225-feet. By using the precision laser technology of Bosch you will be helped in order to remove imprecision and operators can be helped such as carpenters, contractors, and masons in order to calculate angles, areas and much more. This unit can also help users in order to find indirect measurements if the object blocks the distance.


DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer



This measurer comes with the ability in order to calculate volume and area which is helping you to estimate easy and quick by using automatic calculations. Pythagoras has been used by the indirect height measurement in order to measure distances when there is a point that cannot be accessed for linear measurement. At least five measurements that can be stored by a memory unit and the screen visibility can be improved in both bright and dim conditions. This unit comes with durable design with over-molded housing.

Bosch GLM 50

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-Feet Range and Backlit Display

Bosch GLM 50

Bosch GLM 50

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Measure is the best laser tape measure in its class. This unit can measure the distance up to 165-feet with accuracy up to 1/16-inch. There are a couple of measurement modes which have been used such as indirect, volume, area, length, and continuous measurement modes. This unit is very perfect for those of you who are looking for a smart unit but you do not have to do a couple of complex measurements. This tool comes with continuous length mode, so that you do not have to stop to reposition the unit or take a couple of notes. This tool also comes with indirect length measurement so it can be used to measure width or height from a distance. This tool has a Carry Loop and Belt Pouch and also 2 AAA batteries.

Bosch DLR130K

Bosch DLR130K 130 Foot Laser Measure

Bosch DLR130K

Bosch DLR130K

The Bosch DLR130K laser measure is utilizing laser technology which offers accurate, easy, and fast measurements wherever and whenever you use this unit. This units comes with pocket-sized that will easy to bring. This tool also is easy to use that provides volume, area, and length measurements in metric units, decimal feet, inches and feet, and inches.